Can I get my news here?

No. We’re more of a “news behind the news” website.   We’re the place to get to know members of the media, get linked to their Twitter.com, Facebook.com Fan pages and sometimes catch a peek at how they work and insights for “the story behind the story.”    You can also get some inside information on people in the news that you might not get elsewhere and lots of useful information for discussions around the watercooler.

Can I join NewsGaggle and how much does it cost?

Any member of the working press who reports, shoots pictures or produces in the field may join and post on NewsGaggle.com.   For free.    Our policy is “the more, the merrier.”     So it’s free.   No charge.   We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who violates sites policies.   No plagiarism; no photoshopping.

Not a news person?  Join in order to post comments.   Comments about pictures are directed to the usermember who posted the pictures.

Can I email questions to members?

That’s really up to the individual news person and what they have posted.   They can provide links to their profiles and pages on Facebook.com, Twitter.com, and Linkedin.com; as well as their personal resume or other website.  Some of them are for hire  (and they might appreciate hearing from a potential employer) freelance or long-term.  Also, comments on the posts are emailed to them.   Your feedback is interesting and can be helpful.

What’s the website’s privacy policy?

It’s pretty simple: we’re private.    We don’t collect information.   We don’t sell information.   We don’t share information.   If that changes, we’ll let you know in advance and allow you to opt out, but we’re focused on providing helpful benefits for professional members and gathering interesting stories and pictures, and that’s about it.

Feel free to ask questions through our contact page and we’ll try to answer them.