Who we are?

NewsGaggle.com is a website project for working news professionals (and only working news professionals) to post profiles and organize their social media links.  They can also post behind the scenes photos, comments and photo links to their blogs.    Everyone you see posting profiles, pictures or comments is a verified member of the working press.

NewsGaggle.com was conceived by a reporter who wanted an online space for working media to post their social media use as well as post behind the scenes pictures and stories.  It can be surprisingly difficult to find a news person’s social media links.  NewsGaggle.com simplifies that.

And since many news people post behind the scenes pictures on Facebook.com or to other smaller groups, it seemed useful to provide one central place to post the pictures for larger audiences.   Also, it would help those reporters, photographers and producers to more effectively use the social media tools available to them.

Thus NewsGaggle.com was built.